My Hair Care (Regimen)

I used to feel as though I didn't have a regimen per se, but I think that has changed now. Initially, I was more interested in learning to listen to my hair and what it needed than I was in developing a schedule of things to do for it regularly. Yet, in learning what my hair needs and wants, I have grown into my own hair care regimen. Funny how that worked out! I'm not strict too with it though. It doesn't freak me out if things don't always happen right on time.

Shampooing (wash days)
  • I wash my hair every 7-10 days
    • this depends on my schedule and if 1: my hair feels like it needs it and 2: I feel like doing it
  • I usually do a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) treatment using conditioner and an (sometimes hot) oil 
  • I almost always allow my hair to air dry 

[Deep] Conditioning
  • I deep condition my hair every.single.time I wash it
  • Occasionally, if my hair doesn't feel like it needs to be washed, I will just deep condition it 
  • I apply leave-in conditioner(s) after washing and/or deep conditioning 

Daily Maintenance
  • I moisturize my hair every or every other day
  • I always seal the moisture in with an oil 
  • I always sleep with a satin/silk scarf on 

  • I relax my hair every 10-12 weeks (at home)
  • I do not allow my hair to process bone straight - instead I rinse before the recommended time leaving texture in my hair ("texlaxing")

Protein Treatments
  • I do a hard protein treatment in between rinsing my relaxer and neutralizing my hair
  • I use a medium to light protein conditioner when I feel my hair needs strengthening (probably once a month)
  • I use a light protein leave-in conditioner every wash day 

  • I use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse after shampooing and deep conditioning 
  • I do tea rinses when I need help with shedding


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    1. You're welcome, James. Glad it was helpful for you!

  2. you should use coconut oil as a relaxer

    1. Hi Anon - coconut oil has a lot of great benefits for hair and I love it. However, it is not a chemical or strong enough to permanently straighten hair as a relaxer. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, so glad to see that you relax your hair. I relax my hair too. Do you have a youtube channel?

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