Wash Day | Braidout Bun

This was a simple wash day. Nothing fancy, which is probably why I didn't plan on posting about it. But I guess boring wash days matter, too, right?? I did love my bun at the end. I'm a sucker for a big, fluffy, high bun tho. 

After dividing my hair into my usual 4 sections, here's what I did:

{1} Pre-poo: PM Tea Tree Moisiturizing conditioner and safflower oil. I put on a plastic cap & scarf and left it on overnight.

{2} Shampooed with CON Argan Oil Moisturizing & ORS Creamy Aloe watered down in an applicator bottle.

{3} Deep conditioned with CON Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing and Aubrey Organics GPB on my ends for about 30 minutes.

{4} Did an ACV and aloe rinse after rinsing the conditioner out.

{5} Detangled my hair section by section while applying my leave-ins: Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and grapeseed oil

I put my hair in 8 braids to air dry. I wanted to rock a big braid out, but then I wasn't really feeling it once I took the braids out. The texture was nice. I guess I just wasn't up for all my hair being out anymore. Who knows? Anyway, I went for my fave big bun. 

I used a banana clip to secure my hair at the top. I love using banana clips for two reasons: 1) it has no problem holding alllll my hair securely without being too tight, and 2) it give me more freedom to create a huge bun. I just fluff my hair around the clip, pin down with bobby/hair pins and voila! A big braidout bun!

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