February Goals & Review

My February has started out quite snowy and cold. It has me longing for Spring just like January did. I feel like I started this year out well and am hoping to keep up with my momentum. I hope you can say the same, and if not, it's never too late to change that. Here's how I did with my January goals:
  1. Refocus my relationship with God. Success! This goal was most important to me this month and I'm so glad I was able to revitalize my relationship with Christ. The 21-day consecration period of prayer and fasting with my church was just what my spirit needed. No matter what time of year it is, gaining a new mindset and focus this way will always bring success.  
  2. Decide what the next step with my hair will be. Success! Decided to relax and went for it!
  3. Cardio workout twice a week. Fail! So, this would have actually come close to being a success if it wasn't a cardio workout specifically. After months of having this as a goal, I finally started working out! Yaaay!! My sister got me into doing more Yoga than I got her into doing Zumba. Although we did do a cardio yoga workout once, I definitely didn't do cardio twice a week.  
  4. Finish 30-day plank a challenge. Success! I planked throughout January so I have done it for well over 30 days at this point. I realized my goal with this challenge was to get myself to plank regularly, not to get myself to plank for 5 minutes straight! Lawd that's intense! Goal accomplished. 
  5. Post {at least} 15 times this month. Almost... I was 80% of the way to making this a reality for January. This goal still caused me to post more frequently! It helped me start establishing a plan rather than the random posting I used to do. I think I should definitely hit the goal by this month.
  6. Review 5 products. Success! I did detailed reviews on four products and mini-reviews on another four. 
I am happy with the way this month went because I made great progress on and/or accomplished every one of my goals! Woot woot!! For this month, I really want to focus on consistency. I don't just want to be successful on some things for a month, I want to create new, better habits that become part of my lifestyle. So, for allll the goals I reached last month (1, 2, 4 & 6), I want to continue doing well this month with a little variation. Of course, I want to work on achieving the goals I didn't hit in January, too. Realizing February is already moving by quickly, here are my goals for this month:

  2. Come up with a (non-long-term) protective styling game plan for my hair.
  3. Workout 3x a week. 
  4. Complete "Little Black Dress" 30-day challenge. 
  5. Post 15x this month. 
  6. Review 5 products. 
  7. Step my social media game up! :)
So, I have a very similar, specific goal list this month in hopes of ingraining some of these goals into my life. Here's to creating excellence!  


  1. WOOP! A healthy intimate relationship with God will most certainly always bring you success in other areas of your life. Congrats on your goals chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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