My Hiatus & Random Hair Chatter

So, my [unplanned] hiatus is over! I have been thoroughly enjoying the past two months of summer without breaking for blogging. I have celebrated my birthday, traveled to London (England!), moved my 2 bedroom apartment about 400 miles across the midwest, seen one of my favorite Broadway shows (Wicked!), and had some life-changing experiences with Jesus! Pure awesomeness. I had this whole idea of blogging through it all that was BUT I did keep up with my hair habits and attempt to document with photos. Here are some of my random hair thoughts of late. 

my big hair!
My hair and I have had a love/hate relationship this summer, which I would like to blame on the humidity. However, I know there have been times when I've neglected moisturizing and sealing properly which probably led to its hateful behavior at times. It has been huge. Seriously, unless I have it pulled back or pinned up, it has been huge. Especially in London! That rainy, misty, humid weather did not get along with my hair. I don't know how the UK ladies deal! On one hand, it's awesome my hair has grown so much that it can get that big. On the other, it is extremely annoying when braid/twist/bantu knot outs become a huge wannabe afro by the end of the day. Even one of my roller sets just swelled up throughout the day. Ha! It's laughable at this point. 

my marley twists twisted back
My irritation with my huge hair made me try out putting in marley twists. I had them in for about 3 weeks. Of all hair adventures this summer, I truly did the worst job documenting this one. I'm not sure how people do so well putting them in the back of their hair. It was so hard for me to get them done tightly. I liked them! They kept my out of my hair as desired, but also made it easy for me to slack on moisturizing and sealing. I think they would be a great long term protective style, if I was willing to pay someone else to do it.

I am itching not only to dye my hair, but also to cut it! To me, this one length hair stuff is for the birds. It's so boring and flat and dimensionless (lol!). Well...maybe not really. I'm being a little dramatic, but needless to say my straight hair has become extra boring to me. Before deciding to grow my hair out, I kept it in a layered style. I love layers! When it's cut that way, I think my hair has so much more volume without needing to put a bunch of curls in it. But I made a decision NOT to do anymore serious hair cuts until I reach my goal length and I'm sticking to it. So I'll just have to fight this sudden urge to cut it again until I get there. Maybe some weave will help?

I also used to highlight my hair annually. Yet another thing I stopped doing to get my hair to a healthier state. It's definitely much healthier now and almost completely black. To fight this urge, I am going to henna my hair and perhaps try out the new Shea Moisture hair color. I'm trying to avoid that latter option, hoping the henna will hold me over.

Last but not least: I haven't done an official length check since April, but I'm pretty positive my hair's now flirting with bra-strap length! So exciting! I'm not going to claim it because I'm also pretty sure I have about two inches of thin ends that I need to chop off. Even with that though, I should be able to hit my goal length sooner than I thought. Dedication pays off!

I hope everyone's summer has been great!


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