January Goals & December Recap

Happy New Year!! I am looking forward to what this new year will bring. While I'm sure it will come with its own challenges, I'm excited about the blessings that will undoubtedly come along with them. Here's the recap of my December goals:

  1. Moisturize and seal my hair (with sprays) every other day. Success! I was very diligent about making sure I moisturized my hair often because I didn't want it to get dry and couldn't just touch it to figure out how it was doing like I usually can.  
  2. Keep my braids in for 6 weeks. Success! I seriously did not think I was going to make it with this one. Especially once I hit 4 weeks. I was ready to take them out at that point, but I held out! Woot woot!!
  3. Cardio workout twice a week. Fail! This is the only goal I didn't even come close to achieving. So, I will be attempting it again this month. And I will continue to set similar goals like this one until I become consistent with exercising again.
  4. Follow through with completing this 30-day plank challenge. Almost... I started this goal late so I haven't completed the challenge yet. I didn't want to claim a success when I knew I was still finishing it. 
  5. Post 15 times this month. Fail! I was on track with this goal until the holidays hit. No biggie. I enjoyed them and have a brand new month to try again! One thing setting this goal did was help me begin to better organize how I go about blogging, which I'm really happy about.  
  6. Review 5 products. Fail! Same deal so I'll be going for it again this month. I have so many products to choose from it really needs to be more than five. But small steps are better. 
You might think not achieving all the goals I set for myself every month would be discouraging, but it's not. For me, setting goals is a way to keep me on track and focused on the things I want for myself. It keeps the goals on the forefront of my mind and causes me to come up with plans to go about making them happen. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and I have to rethink, but all the time it enables me to work toward being better tomorrow than I was today. That's what is most important to me so I don't like to discount progress even when it's not enough to reach the goal. Plus, failing 
motivates me to work harder to succeed.

For January, I am, of course, going to work on the goals from last month that didn't work out so well. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions because I believe you can always set goals for changing things whenever you want/see the need, you shouldn't wait for a new year. However, one thing I think is important and love to do every January, is to put some extra focus on my relationship with Christ. I think it's great to start the year by making sure you are aware of and aligned with God's will for you life. I know many churches spend this month in consecration, and my church is one of them. So, that is my first goal. As far as my hair is concerned, I'm over 20 weeks post and don't know what to do next. I don't feel like I'm ready to transition, but what am I doing not getting a relaxer for all this time?! I have to figure that out. Here are all of my January goals: 

  1. Refocus my relationship with God.
  2. Decide what the next step with my hair will be. 
  3. Cardio workout twice a week.
  4. Finish 30-day plank a challenge. 
  5. Post {at least} 15 times this month. 
  6. Review 5 products.
I'm sticking with the specific goals again. Hope everyone's year is starting out well! 


  1. I love your goal to refocus and energize your relationship with God. Its a funny little thing that when you start intentionally putting HIM first, everything else falls into place.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Yesss, I know that to be true as well, KLP. It's pretty awesome. Thank you!!

  2. Good luck Mel! I could benefit from each and every one of your goals lol. Still working on my list...

    1. Thanks Jas! I hope you start working toward yours soon!


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