Product Review: Organix (OGX) Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

Price: $4.99 for 4fl oz. 

Purchased At: Walgreens

Product Claims: Indulge your senses with this exclusive blend of organic coconut milk to nourish your hair, while ultra whipped egg white proteins add strength and elasticity, along with weightless coconut oils to add hydration and balance. It's tropical, luxurious, silky and works to smooth, condition, strengthen and instantly repair your hair.
  • Weightless coconut oils blended with silk and keratin proteins create a silk repair therapy
  • Instantly repairs dry, damaged, coarse and chemically treated hair.
  • It helps resurface the hair, repair damaged hair and cuticles, and mend split ends and frizziness
  • Promotes longer hair by helping reduce everyday damage

Ingredients: Cyclomethicone , Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane , C12 15 Alcohol Benzoate , Silk Amino Complex , Shea Butter , Coconut Milk , Coconut Oil , Egg White Protein , Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) , Fragrance

Directions: Apply a small amount of Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum to palm, rub hands together, then apply evenly to surface of damp, towel dried, hair working through ends. For best results use in conjunction with other Organix Coconut Milk products.

My Experience: I LOVE this stuff! I don't know if I'll be able to find a con about it. I use this serum to seal my hair regularly. I'll use it on wash days as a leave-in, as a sealant when moisturizing my hair throughout the week, and even as a heat protectant - even though that is not a listed use for it. I think it has enough cones in it to do the trick for me. I especially love using it on my heat-styled hair. I notice a significant difference in little broken hairs when I use this vs. when I don't. So the proteins, silk amino complex and egg white protein, that are contained in this serum pack a powerful punch. That fact alone is enough to make this a staple for me. But wait, there's more!

This serum is sooo light! I can use it repeatedly on my flat ironed hair and it will not weigh it down at all. And by repeatedly, I mean daily. Using this has never given me that gross, greasy feeling which other serums can produce. That is another thing I love about this product. A little goes a long way, too. So if you're noticing that you do get that feeling, you are probably using too much. With that being said, this bottle lasts me for months even with my very regular use of it. I just love how soft my hair feels when I use it. It's like it revives and gives my hair life over and over.

This serum has a light coconut scent to it. It's smooth and slippery like most serums. Now let me just say - I do not like coconuts; not the flavor, not the smell, I don't like anything outside of the oil that they produce. However, this scent does not bother me one bit. I actually like it. I think it's because it's just not strong enough to cause the usual adverse reaction I have to the smell of coconut. Even if you pretty much hate coconut like I do, you can still love this product.

Moral of the Story: If you need a (light) protein pick me up, buy this stuff! $5-6 for a quality product that lasts for months can't be beat!

Have you ever tried this product before? Love it, hate it, never want to use it again??


  1. Hi Melanie ! I feel you so much on that cause I absolutely loooooove this serum: as a sealant, heat protectant or after shampoo when air drying to minimize frizzes. Never disappointed !! I event tried sealing with vegetable oils but my hair definitely prefer this serum and I don't worry about cones it contains since I make sure to clarify my hair once a month. This serum is the business for real !! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing your comment! I totally feel the same with the "never disappointed". It's just that good!

  2. I couldn't agree more. I haven't used this in a while but i remember how awesome it is.
    Great review.


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