Box Braid Wash Day

Wash days when protective styling are the easiest wash days ever! After about 3 weeks or so with my box braids, I decided it was time to wash them - more like my scalp decided it was time to be washed. I used my usual method of washing box braids. Here's how the day went:

{1} Divided my braids into 6 sections and braided each one. Secured each braid with a small rubber band.

{2} Cleansed with a mix of CON Moisturizing Argan Oil and a small amount of ORS Creamy Aloe shampoos watered down in an applicator bottle. I focused on my scalp and the roots of the braids. Lathered twice.

{3} Watered down TRESemme Naturals in an applicator bottle and applied that from the roots of the braids down the length to where I believed my hair ends. Massaged it in and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rinsed with cool water.

{4} ACV and aloe vera juice rinsed spraying both my scalp and the length of my hair. I didn't rinse this out.

{5} Towel wrapped the braids to soak up excess water for about 20 minutes.

{6} Unbraided each section and applied some coconut oil to seal in the moisture.

{7} T-shirt wrapped the braids to let them finish air-drying.

Once the braids were completely dry, I decided to re-braid around the perimeter of my head to freshen them up a little. I felt like I had about half an inch of new growth with some of them. I didn't make them as tight as I did initially though. After that I put my hair in the big, high bun at the beginning of this post.

Washing box braids
Braided sections
4 weeks is usually my limit for these types of styles, but I've been trying to figure out a way to get a couple more weeks out of this style. My hair is doing well in them, it's easy, and I'm still not sure about what to do with my hair when I take these out. So, I figure keeping it put away for a little while longer will be good for me.

How was your wash day this week? Be sure to check out other Wash Day Experiences over at SavingOurStrands and JustGrowAlready!


  1. Love the high bun! You make longterm protective styling so easy. Come and braid my hair for me pls

    1. Me too Me too! *Jumps up and down like a kid in class* LOL

      How long does it take you to re-braid the perimeter of your hair? It seems like an ingenious way to make them last longer!

      KLP | SavingOurStrands

    2. Lol! Thank you ladies!!

      Tomi - I recently started doing other people's hair... if only you were closer! :)

      KLP - It probably took me two TV shows lol! Not too long at all. And I agree - if my edges looks fine, it makes me okay with keeping the style longer.

  2. The braids are looking so beautiful after 3 weeks. I guess your hair is taking a break from growing too fast. I love them.

    1. Thank you, Nerline! I thought so too, but after washing it seemed to grow like weeds as usual. I guess I shouldn't complain about quick growth tho!

  3. Your braids are looking better as they age! I love the braided bun.

  4. I wish you can come do my hair lol, I've been wanting braids forever but my fingers are too clumsy and I don't trust anyone enough to install them for me

    1. Lol apparently I need to start a traveling braiding business! Thanks, Harlem! Not trusting anyone else is exactly why I taught myself how to do it though - I learned that the hard way unfortunately.


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