L4L Protective Styling Update!

So, it's time for the first check-in for the protective styling challenge I'm participating in! I think this past month has flown by, which is a good thing, in my opinion. The challenge is going very well for me, so far. I'm actually enjoying it! With the nasty winter weather, I don't think it could've came at a more perfect time. 

my 3/4 part wig
 For the most part, my hair has been covered by my new 3/4 part wig I made! *pats self on back* I've never been one to wear any kind of extensions, but after hearing more and more about it then watching a ton of YouTube videos, I decided to go for it. Glad I did too, because it's made things pretty easy. Other than that, I've spent about a week in buns and a week all twisted up.  

I'm still washing, deep conditioning and air drying my hair weekly. That's going well. I'm about 9 weeks post, but my hair's not acting like it. I think my biggest struggle has been keeping my hair moisturized (of course!), sealed and soft. I put my hair in several braids that I pinned together under my wig. The idea was they would be easy to moisturize, yet those were what I had the biggest struggle keeping moisturized. Haven't figured the reason for that issue. This past week with my hair twisted up, it was easy to keep soft and full of moisture. I'm planning on doing it that way for a few more weeks so hopefully I'll continue to have that result.

twisted up style I did this week

a couple accessorized buns

I'm loving Ebony's tutorials! I've tried one of them, but failed to take pics. Loved it though so I'm sure I'll be doing it again. I'm just now getting in to instagram, but I'm planning on joining in on the fun there too!

Update: you can check out more about my 3/4 part wig here and my all twisted up style here!


  1. Loving the twisted style that is something I would do too mmmh may just copy it:)


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