Monthly Goals

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 A number of bloggers I follow set goals each month and then assess how well they did with reaching them. To me, this is such a good idea and I have wanted to do it for awhile now. I usually set mental goals, but don't go as far as writing it down or creating a whole post about it. I think that when you write down your goals and visualize them, it makes it more likely you will reach them. I also believe that setting smaller goals makes large goals more attainable. It's not enough to just have a big goal, you have to have a step-by-step plan of action to make reaching that goal a success. So, after thinking of small goals and not accomplishing them over the past few months, I have decided to step my game up by setting monthly goals and evaluating my progress. 

Even though we're about half-way through September, I figured I should just go ahead and list some goals I have already had in mind this month. This way I'll have something to compare and assess come October when I set new goals. I want to start small with some hair goals and a couple others that will probably also help with my hair (lol). Baby steps. There are some things I do that are great, but they have not become regular habits yet. I would like to be more consistent with these kinds of things. So without further adieu, here are my goals for this month:

  1. Moisturize and seal my hair [at least] 4 times a week. Right now, I moisturize and seal when I think about it. Awful, I know. Or when my hair feels dry, which I don't think is good because I think its better not to let your hair get dry. I would like to be proactive not reactive. 
  2. Henna my hair. I actually bought some henna powder back in April. Yet I haven't taken the time to find a good recipe I like and finally do it! I have been wanting to try this for a long time. I'm sure I already have all the ingredients I need, too.
  3. Trim my own ends. My bone straight relaxed ends are starting to look pretty scarce to me. I hate thin ends! I used to trim my ends myself regularly because I love fresh ends and didn't like my layers to grow out too much. However, once I started wanting to grow my hair out and realized my "trims" could sometimes be more like cuts, I put a ban on my use of hair scissors. I think it's time to lift the ban. 
  4. Use my growth aid every other day. I have a sulfur based growth oil by Liquid Gold. I got it last year after reading about it all over Hairlista. I probably used it for about a month consistently. Even though I felt it had good results, I haven't been consistent since.
  5. Drink [at least] 54oz of water daily. I have a water bottle I carry with me almost everywhere. It's 27oz. There are some days I drink the whole thing 3x and others I barely get through it once. I would like to start drinking it at least 2x daily consistently. Then I can graduate to higher levels. 
  6. Exercise 2-3x a week. I used to exercise regularly. Then I moved and...well... I don't anymore. 
  7. Post to my blog [at least] 3x a week. Enough said. 

There you have it. Seven [small-ish] goals. Most of which I have already been working to achieve. Hopefully this will help me become more consistent and make my goals more attainable.


  1. Great goals! I'm looking to henna my hair sometime next year.

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks! Yea that's how I felt last year. I'll be posting about the experience this weekend :)


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