My Juice/Daniel's Fast

I started a fast recently and I really wrestled with whether it was something I should share on my blog or not. To me, fasting is a very personal thing between you & God, and maybe people who are close to you. It's not something you just go around telling everyone... enter my hesitation. But my blog is also pretty personal; it's a glimpse into my life and a journal of sorts. When I was researching juice fasts, I stumbled upon a very encouraging blog where someone described their 40 day juice fast. This is what sparked the idea to blog during my own fast. 

I also began to think about the fact that my blog is not just meant to be about outer beauty & hair. If you've read the about the blog page, you know the name of my blog comes from the scripture:
"So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, worship Him." - Psalms 45:11
And a quick glance to the right will also let you know this is about my journey to becoming the person Jesus wants me to be on the inside, too. So now, it just seems fitting that I should begin to share a bit more of myself and my faith, by being transparent during this period of fasting. 

In case you are not familiar with the biblical principle of fasting, the purpose of spiritual fasting is to consecrate (set aside) a specific period of time to drawer closer to God and hear from him. It is not designed to move God or gain favor/get Him to do something for you, but rather to move you closer to him by removing distractions and disciplining yourself. By sacrificing the most basic human need of food, you feed and strengthen your spirit through prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Simply put, fasting directs our hunger toward God and requires a large amount of self-control as you deny the natural desires of your flesh. 

Initially, I will be only drinking all-natural, fruit & veggie juices. Then I will move into a Daniel's Fast. This is the fast described in the book of Daniel, that he went on in chapters 1 and 10. It's a partial fast, where you abstain only from certain foods, with plants being the basis of all eating. You eat only fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and avoid all meats, sweets, fried foods and breads. There are variations of this fast that include or exclude dairy. I've never excluded dairy before, but I will for the majority of this time. 

Most Christians will agree that there is always room for improvement in their relationship with Christ. We go through valley experiences where we learn how much we truly need and must trust and depend on God. Our love for Him grows deeper. Our prayers are answered. Guidance and breakthroughs are received. I need that, my family needs that, we all do at some point. That's where I am. And if anyone is encouraged by my journey, thank God. 
If you would like to learn more about fasting and/or the Daniel's Fast in particular, here are a few resources:
Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!



  1. Wow! Fasting requires a great deal of self control all the best in your journey and may you be richly blessed. I have tried various fasts before but they never lasted very long but it is something I aim to start doing again in the near future.

    1. Thanks so much Lydz!! I hope you reach that goal soon, too. I always have to remind myself if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be the sacrifice it's meant to be :)


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