October Goals & Review

October is here and I feel like September only lasted a week or two! I decided to start posting monthly goals just a couple weeks ago. It's already time to review those and set new ones. Although with the little progress I made, I'm not planning on making many new ones at all.

September's Goal Recap:
  • Moisturize and seal {at least} 4 times a week. Success! My hair was staight for the past couple weeks and I find that I am more mindful of its need to be moisturized when its in this state. Not sure why, maybe because my hands stay in it way too much. Either way, I got the job done!
  • Henna my hair. Success! It took almost a whole day to complete this process, but I did it and I have to say I think it was so worth it! The changes I've noticed in my hair since using henna are awesome. It's great when you use something for a specific reason and it does exactly what it supposed to do. If you haven't already, check out my background on henna here and my experience with it here
  • Trim my own ends. Success! I cut 1-2 inches of thin ends off. I love the look of my hair and did a length check as well. 
  • Use my growth aid every other day. Fail! I don't think I've even picked it up once in the past two weeks... -__-
  • Drink {at least} 54oz of water daily. Fail! Kinda. I have an easier time drinking water during the work week for some reason then I do during the weekends. Even if I'm not doing anything lol! And I also misplaced my bottle for a few days. So, even though my water intake increased consistently, it wasn't daily.
  • Exercise 2-3x a week. Fail! Didn't come even close to hitting this one. No excuses. I will get back in shape!
  • Post to my blog {at least} 3x a week. Fail! This will be the first week that will happen. I think I need some more planning and organizing to help get this to happen consistently. Whatever it may be, I am determined to make this happen this month.
I'm glad I achieved some of my goals! Even if it was only 3 out of 7. That's better than nothing. Progress is a process, so I will not discount any of the progress I made over the past couple weeks. Instead, I will just be motivated to continue toward the rest of my goals. I'm going to spend this month working on the same 4 goals that didn't make the cut plus add one. I've read that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. I've tried it out and believe it so I still want to work on moisturizing and sealing consistently to make sure that one sticks.

October Goals:
  1. Moisturize and seal {at least} 4x a week.
  2. Drink {at least} 54oz of water daily.
  3. Exercise 2-3x a week.
  4. Post to my blog {at least} 3x a week.
  5. Use my growth aid oil every other day.
  6. Find a long-term protective style! 
After my last length check, I decided I wanted to step up my protective styling game for the remainder of the year. I want to do something longer-term this time around, but I have no idea what. Gotta figure that out soon. 
Anyone else setting any goals this month?


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