October Goals & Review

October is here and I feel like September only lasted a week or two! I decided to start posting monthly goals just a couple weeks ago. It's already time to review those and set new ones. Although with the little progress I made, I'm not planning on making many new ones at all.

September's Goal Recap:
  • Moisturize and seal {at least} 4 times a week. Success! My hair was staight for the past couple weeks and I find that I am more mindful of its need to be moisturized when its in this state. Not sure why, maybe because my hands stay in it way too much. Either way, I got the job done!
  • Henna my hair. Success! It took almost a whole day to complete this process, but I did it and I have to say I think it was so worth it! The changes I've noticed in my hair since using henna are awesome. It's great when you use something for a specific reason and it does exactly what it supposed to do. If you haven't already, check out my background on henna here and my experience with it here
  • Trim my own ends. Success! I cut 1-2 inches of thin ends off. I love the look of my hair and did a length check as well. 
  • Use my growth aid every other day. Fail! I don't think I've even picked it up once in the past two weeks... -__-
  • Drink {at least} 54oz of water daily. Fail! Kinda. I have an easier time drinking water during the work week for some reason then I do during the weekends. Even if I'm not doing anything lol! And I also misplaced my bottle for a few days. So, even though my water intake increased consistently, it wasn't daily.
  • Exercise 2-3x a week. Fail! Didn't come even close to hitting this one. No excuses. I will get back in shape!
  • Post to my blog {at least} 3x a week. Fail! This will be the first week that will happen. I think I need some more planning and organizing to help get this to happen consistently. Whatever it may be, I am determined to make this happen this month.
I'm glad I achieved some of my goals! Even if it was only 3 out of 7. That's better than nothing. Progress is a process, so I will not discount any of the progress I made over the past couple weeks. Instead, I will just be motivated to continue toward the rest of my goals. I'm going to spend this month working on the same 4 goals that didn't make the cut plus add one. I've read that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. I've tried it out and believe it so I still want to work on moisturizing and sealing consistently to make sure that one sticks.

October Goals:
  1. Moisturize and seal {at least} 4x a week.
  2. Drink {at least} 54oz of water daily.
  3. Exercise 2-3x a week.
  4. Post to my blog {at least} 3x a week.
  5. Use my growth aid oil every other day.
  6. Find a long-term protective style! 
After my last length check, I decided I wanted to step up my protective styling game for the remainder of the year. I want to do something longer-term this time around, but I have no idea what. Gotta figure that out soon. 
Anyone else setting any goals this month?


  1. Good luck with your goals this month!

    1. Thank you Candice! Good luck with yours, too!


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